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There are so many differant varieties of turf that grow sucsessfully on the Sunshine Coast so how do you choose the correct variety of turf for your particular application. There are a couple of things that you should take into consideration and they are;


  • Soil Type - Do you live on a quarry? or do you have great soil?
  • Salt Conditions - Does your lawn cop much salt spray or are you close to the beach or canals?
  • Does the Lawn Area get much water or are you available to water your grass?
  • Is the Lawn are in Shade?
  • What are you going to use the aea for? eg. Playground, entertaining, sports ect
  • The characteristics of the turf - Do you line finer leaf turf or Broadleaf turf?


It is important to consider these questions when choosing the right turf for your next landscaping project. By choosing the right turf from the start you can save yourself not only time but money. some varieties of turf can save you money by having to water less and perform less work and fertilsing to maintain a perfect lawn.


The subase or underturf is extremely important... There is no point spending $9.90 per m2 on turf and laying it on rocks, spend the time, money and use the correct products to prepare your turf for its new life at your place... It is suggested that you should import Premium Organic Garden Soil and level accordingly, then apply some organic fertilser mixed with underturf slow release fertilser. This will ensure that the turf once the roots have bitten into the soil will be guaranteed the best start in life possible


We mentioned earlier the many differant varieties of turf that grow well on the Sunshine Coast, the following are the main turfing varieties that KG Landscaping & Design use on our projects.


Sir Walter Buffalo



Sir Walter Turf is a superior quality soft textured buffalo grass that is soft to touch underfoot with an unrivaled beauty. The Sir Walter has a thick vigorous root system which allows it to access moisture and nutrients in the soil very efficiently and it also allows it to tolerate heavy traffic areas and reduce weed infestation. It maintains color in winter more than couches Sir Walter Turf is low in maintenance eg. less watering, mowing, fertilising etc                                                                                             






Palmetto Buffalo Grass is a tough, soft leaf Buffalo, that is available Australia wide. This turf provides a lawn grass that has excellent winter colour, and can generally out compete weeds when established. Palmetto Buffalo Grass generally requires less watering and less mowing than most other turf varieties available in Instant Turf rolls or slabs.                                                                                               



Empire Zoysia



EMPIRE™ Turf grows Australia Wide and provides a lawn grass which is easy to look after. It has a relatively fine leaf which is soft to touch, excellent wear tolerance and thrives in extreme heat and humidity. EMPIRE™ is good in the shade and keeps a good winter colour and it can generally outcompete the weeds once established. EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA generally requires less watering & less mowing than any other commercially grown lawn in Australia.                                                                                               






Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has performance as good as any other buffalo turf, with the added benefit of fine texture. A Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn grows quickly across the ground, providing quick recovery from wear, has excellent winter colour, and has a deep root system. A Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn has a colour that is truly amazing, its deep green colour will make your home lawn "the envy of the street".                                                                                                



Wintergreen Couch



Wintergreen Couch has both stolons and rhizomes, providing the plant with superior warm climate growth. Wintergreen Couch is ideal for areas that receive a great amount of wear and tear from traffic sporting surfaces where it has been the variety used for over 20 years council footpaths, walkways and easements Wintergreen Couch is currently being used by: Many sports surfaces and other sporting facilities throughout Australia. Used extensively in domestic, commercial and industrial developments                                                                                                


QLD Blue Couch



Queensland Blue Couch: looks and feels great its ideally suited for home lawns in central and south-east Queensland, this grass is soft and comfortable, deep blue-green in colour, fine textured with a medium/fine leaf... Queensland Blue Couch Thrives in full sun and rewards regular maintenance and recovers well from periods of extended dry weather. QLD Blue variety with more than 20 years in the market is ideal for home lawns and sunny yards including Sunny outdoor entertaining areas and candle handle a certain amount of wear & tear...




We purchase our Turf from Quality Turf Suppliers that are Certified Turf Producers through Turf Queensland and are local on the Sunshine Coast.


If you would like more information or a FREE Quote on your next Turfing Project please don't hesitate in contacting us any time on 0401 593 755 or drop into our office in Dual Ave, Warana, Sunshine Coast QLD...



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